The Nature of Phenology 2/23/19

Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn


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These cold, still days can make it hard to believe that several species are in the midst of their breeding season. One macabre clue, in this age of rapid transportation, that can help us ascertain some of the goings-on in the natural world this time of year, unfortunately, is roadkill, and every year at about this time, I notice an increased amount of roadkill of a particular masked opportunist and the topic of today’s episode, raccoons.

Coastal Conversations 2/22/19

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel

Maine coastal and ocean issues: Portland’s Working Waterfront at a Crossroads

What is the history of Portland’s working waterfront and what role does it play in the state’s fishing industry?
What changes are fishermen and wharf owners experiencing on the waterfront?
How has Portland’s mixed use zoning changed over the last several decades and how has this impacted water dependent industries?
What is the status of development on the waterfront in Portland today?
What would fishermen and wharf owners like the Portland waterfront to be in the future?

John Bisnette, fisherman
Jim Buxton, fisherman
Bill Coppersmith, fisherman
Keith Lane, fisherman
Willis Spear, fisherman
Greg Turner, fisherman
Charlie Poole, owner of Union Wharf