Family Radio Forum 5/11/07

Producer/host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Topic: Nutrition in Local Schools–Shrinking the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do

Guests: Dustin Eirdosh, Youth Advocacy Council, Union 98; Maria Donahue, School Health Coordinator, Union 98; Linda Hartkropf, School Health Coordinator, Belfast; Steve Tanguay, Mr. Thurston and several student employees from the Troy Howard Middle School

Family Radio Forum 4/13/07

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Topic: Teens, Sex and Safety
Guests: Andrea Gabel-Richards, Social Worker, Private Practice, Linda Robinson, Nurse-Midwife, MDI  Hospital Women’s  Health  Center, David Painter, Physician, Mount Desert Island Hospital

Family Radio Forum 3/9/07

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Topic: Media and our connections to our home on Earth

Guests:  Read Mercer Schuchardt, NewForest Institute, Brooks, Maine, 66 Monroe Hwy, Brooks, ME 04921, 207-722-3639,;
Colleen O’Connell, Faculty, Audubon Expedition Institute at Lesley University and co-founder of the Maine Earth Institute,;
Catherine Elliot, Wildlife Specialist, UM Cooperative Extension,,,;
Laura Briscoe, Dorr Museum of Natural History, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME,

Call in show

Family Radio Forum 2/9/07

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Topic: Teens, Underage drinking and dating violence

What resources do teens have if they want to deal with underage drinking and dating abuse? What is “abuse”? How do teens feel about these issues?

Guests: Alexis Priestly, Carma Durkee, Amanda Chandler, Billy Church, Katie Todd, Sarah Milliken, Don Ficker (Faculty Advisor), Cheryl Bressenden-Fickes and Kim Berry of Maine Youth Voices/ Bridges Coalition; Beth Powers, Associate Director, AdCare Educational Institute of Maine, Maine Youth Voices; Kim Berry, Next Step Domestic Violence Project, Machias

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Family Radio Forum 1/12/07

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Topic: Project based learning at Liberty School: What is project based learning? How does project based learning prepare students for life in the 21st century? What is needed to make project based learning work in alternative and traditional schools?

Guests: Arnold Greenburg, Brian Crockett, Cerri Aker and Mariah Nelson, Liberty School; Judith Cox, Education Studies Program, College of the Atlantic; Galen Koch, Big Rock Cafe, Stonington/Deer Isle

Family Radio Forum 12/08/06

Producer/host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Topic: Poverty In Maine
Guests: Tim King, Executive Director, Washington-Hancock Community Agency
Dean Crocker, Maine Children’s Alliance

Poverty in Maine—the 2006 report- what are the highlights?
Are the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer? Is there a gold coast effect going on?

How do we measure “poverty??? (and what role do demography, employment, livable wages, education and public benefits play?

How do these and other factors influence whether someone is living in poverty (dealing with food, housing and health insecurity!)

What is the brief history of government response to poverty and the conditions that create poverty?

What makes poverty persistent?

What are the goals of public funding for these responses to poverty– keeping people from poverty, eliminating poverty, or a combination? Is it different when the focus is on children?

If you were given the opportunity to design public responses to poverty that work, what would you do?

What do listener’s need to know about coping with the conditions that contribute to poverty? What advice would you give to people who are struggling with those conditions?

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Family Radio Forum 11/10/06

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Topic: Families, Farms and Local Schools Why is there new attention to linking farms and schools? What is happening across Maine and locally? What are the challenges to introducing more local products to school lunch programs?

Guests: Heather Albert-Knopp, Healthy Acadia Coalition; Tim Fuller, Healthy Acadia Coalition; Scott McFarland, Principal, Mount Desert Elementary School; Linda Mailhot, Mount Desert Elementary School; Diane Lokocz, Beech Hill Farm, College of the Atlantic; Eileen Fahey, parent; Jen Schroth, Farmer, School Board Member and parent, Brooklin School

Family Radio Forum 10/13/06

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Guests: Jane Freeman, Healthy Peninsula; Corinne Pert, Principal, Brooksville School; Bec Poole, Brooksville community member; Peter Sly, Brookin

Topic: Building a Healthy Community in Brooksville

What is Healthy Peninsula?; How does it relate to the state network?; How is it related to a vision of creating healthy communities?