Family Radio Forum 09/08/06

Host: Ron Beard
Topic: The Balancing Act-work, home and college
Guests: Margaret Staples, University of Maine Center; Sarah Falvey, Mental Health and Human Services; Daniel Speranza, Nursing; Laura Brown, Liberal Studies
What are some of the issues and challenges related to balancing the demands of home life, work, and going to school?
What strategies have been useful in working the balancing act?
What kind of supports does the University Center offer adult students?

Family Radio Forum 07/14/06

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Topic: Generations at home and in the work place
Guests: Louise Franck Cyr, Community Development Specialist, UMCE; Father Jim Gower, retired priest; Julie Veilleaux, business owner, Window Panes, Bar Harbor; Emily Henry, landscape gardener, Mount Desert Island; Imke Schessler, Admin. Assistant, Project Opportunity, U Maine
What sort of common experience and events have shaped the members of these generations and how they respond to the workplace, their communities and family life?
What are some of the characteristics of each generation?
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Family Radio Forum 06/09/06

Host: Ron Beard
Topic: Sampling Summer Camps: Options for Families
Guests: Mark Hundhammer, Camp Beech Cliff, Mt Desert, Maine; Kyle Devaul, Summer Festival of the Arts, Southwest Harbor, Maine; Holley Mead, Sea Mark, Deer Isle, Maine; Shelby Howe, Schoodic Arts Festival, Gouldsboro-Winter Harbor, Maine; Karen Harney, Waldo County YMCA; Lawrence Hollins, Tanglewood Camp and 4-H Learning Center, Lincolnville and Tenant’s Harbor, Maine

What is distinctive about your summer program? How might a parent decide if your program is a good match for their child? What guides you as you develop your programs? In your experience, what is different about your summer camp compared to camps a generation ago? What outcomes are you proudest of? How have children grown as a result of your program? How do people contact you for information, including scholarships?

Family Radio Forum 5/12/06

Host: Ron Beard
Guests: Barbara Kates, Families and Children Together, (FACT), a Bangor, Maine non-profit; Jan Bisbee, also from FACT; Lorraine Haynes and Christine Lavoie, grandparents raising grandchildren; Dr. Joseph Crumbley, Family Therapist and co-author of “Kinship Care: Relatives Raising Children”
Topic: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
What are the trends leading to more grandparents raising grandchildren?
What challenges and rewards do “kinship” families face?
What are some resources that grandparents might turn to if they find themselves raising grandchildren?

Family Radio Forum 04/14/06

Topic: Food Pantries in a Land of Plenty How do local food pantries work? Why is “community food security” important?
How can gardeners and farmers help with food pantries?
Guests: Heather Albert-Knopp, Healthy Peninsula Project
Will Rosborough, Tree of Life Food Pantry
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Host: Ron Beard