WERU Community SoapBox 5/17/12

Host: Amy Browne
Engineer: Joel Mann

Key Discussion Points: bullying, films, E/W Highway, upcoming events, National Defense Authorization Act, socialism, supporting community radio, Lincoln Street Center in Rockland closing, London, international finance, federal reserve, banking, upcoming elections, greed

Guests by name and affiliation: n/a

Call In Program: Yes

Weekend Voices 7/18/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Magnus Johnstone and Gray Parrot
Segment 1: Magnus Johnstone, speaking with Rick Kidson and Dan Woodrow about the upcoming Beltek Arts and Music Festival.
Segment 2: Gray Parrot talks with Neil Douglas Salisbury, a local activist with an interesting take on issues ranging from income taxes to travel restrictions

Louche 6/25/09

Producer/Host: Gray Parrot
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: The monetary system in the U.S. has been used to subvert the ideals of the U.S. Constitution

How has the abandonment of the gold and silver standards turned U.S. citizenship into an indebted state?
What are some steps that can be taken to correct the situation?
When in U.S. history did the changes occur that precipitated the current monetary system?

Guests/Panel: Neil D. Salisbury, Richard Wayne, David Yosarian, Edward Parrot

Call in show