Special Edition of Healthy Options 10/6/16

Host and Producer: Rhonda Feiman
Co-Producer: Petra Hall
Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Healthy Aging as the Silver Tsunami Approaches

Key Discussion Points:
a) What is the “Silver Tsunami”, and what does this mean for baby boomers, seniors, & our healthcare system?
b) How do our health care needs change as we age?
c) What lifestyle habits should we cultivate in order to stay well?
d) What do baby boomers and seniors and their families need to know when interacting with the medical system?
e) What is a geriatrician? Why do we need one as we age? Why are there so few of them, in sharp contrast to the increasing population of seniors who need them?
f) What can we do as patients and as family to be sure that the treatable ailments of seniors are not dismissed as “just old age” or misdiagnosed?

Guest: Marcy Cottrell Houle, MS., coauthor of The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare

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Family Corner 9/28/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Program Topic: Access to high quality health care for all Mainers

Key Discussion Points:
a) federally qualified health centers throughout Maine provide access to a full range of high quality health care – medical, dental and behavioral health services
b) services are àvailable regardless of insurance status or ability to pay
c) Mainers of all ages are served through 20 FQHCs with 70 sites statewide

Vanessa Santarelli, CEO Maine Primary Health Care
Carol Carew, CEO Bucksport Regional Center

Common Health 9/18/13

Host: Jim Fisher
Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Access to Health Care: Paying for Health Care

a) What does the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare do to extend access to health care?
b) Why have some elements of this legislation caused such strong resistance?
d) Who can help listeners to learn more about ACA coverage? Navigators? Counselors?
c) What can listeners do to sign up for health care insurance?

A) Dr. Philip Caper (pcpcaper21@gmail.com)
Maine All Care www.maineallcare.org/

B) Mitchell Stein, MBA (mstein@mainecahc.org)
Policy Director
Consumers for Affordable Health Care
P.O. Box 2490, 12 Church Street
Augusta, Maine 04338-2490

WERU News Report 3/1/11

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributing Producer: Meaghan LaSala

Segment 1: Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center in Bangor, Maine and HR1: Proposed Cuts to Family Planning & Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Choice in Maine
What is the history of the MWWHC? How would HR1’s proposed cuts to Family Planning and Planned Parenthood affect people in Maine? What bills in Maine are targeting reproductive choice? How can listeners learn more?
Guest: Ruth Lockhart, Executive Director of the Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center. www.mabelwadsworth.org

Segment 2: The new “Maine People’s Voting Coalition”- An Interview with Edward Schlick, the group’s founder
Formerly known as the “Maine People’s Veto Alliance”, this new group has already broadened the scope of it’s mission. What are the group’s goals? How many people are involved? How do they plan to use social media to network across the state and mobilize members?

Common Health 7/21/10

Producer/Host: Jim Fisher

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Health for Under Served Populations

What do we mean by “underserved”?  What is the composition of the migrant population?  What non-medical steps are needed to improve health?


Chris Huh, EMDC Program Manager, Migrant Farmworker Service at EMDC;  Barbara Ginley, Exec. Dir, Maine Migrant Health Program; Dr. David Loxterkamp, Primary Care Physician w/Seaport Family Practice

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Common Health 4/15/09

Producer/Host: Jim Fisher
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne
Topic: Letters to the President: Addressing America’s Health
How do we pay for health care? Why move to a single payer system? How can we manage costs?
Guests: Dr. Philip Caper, retired M.D. and Professor of Medicine; Jerry Call, co-founder of MidCoast Health Care Reform (www.midcoasthealthcarereform.org)
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Weekend Voices 8/16/08

Executive Producer & Host: Amy Browne

Contributors: Bill Phillips, Peter Rottman, Meredith DeFrancesco, Helen York, Andy Buckley

Segment 1: Health care in America produced by Bill Phillips and Peter Rottman

Guest: Dr. Peter Millard, physician, the Family Medicine Residency Program at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine

How do health outcomes in the United States  compare with those in other modern, industrialized democracies?  How do health care costs in the U.S. compare?  How are health care expenditures in the U.S. currently allocated?

Segment 2: We’re celebrating 20 years of great community radio this month by counting back the years in the station’s history.  Today we’re remembering 2001 with a RadioActive program from August of that year, produced and hosted by myself, Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco with assistance from Helen York and Andy Buckley.   This archived episode of RadioActive featured coverage of the groups “Let Cuba Live” and “Pastors for Peace” as their caravan converged at the Maine/Quebec border with medical supplies that they hoped to get through to Cuba via Canada, in defiance of the U.S. embargo.  Features “play by play” coverage of the civil disobedience that ensued.