Weekend Voices 2/09/08

Executive Producer/host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producer: Jim Campbell

Topic:  As the 2008 Camden Conference is getting under way, today we bring you one of the talks given at the 2006 Camden Conference.   The topic is China, past and present in this piece, produced by Jim Campbell, that originally aired in 2006.

Most Americans have begun to pay attention to China only in the last decade as China has become an economic power in the world. But there are another 5000 years of Chinese history. At the 2006 Camden Conference, Prof. Michael Tsin took on the unenviable task of highlighting the events from that history that have brought China to its place in the world today – in one talk! 5000 years in 55 minutes – hold on!

For information on this year’s Camden Conference, Religion as a Force in World Affairs, which will take place February 22-24, 2008 :  www.camdenconference.org

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