Wabanaki Windows 1/15/19

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Joel Mann

On going Mascot issue at Skowhegan: Mascots and the community that refuses to change them

Key Discussion Points:
Why are Mascots not honoring Native People?
The history of educating the schools in Maine
What will happen next to address the use of the mascot in Skowhegan?

Dr. Darren Ranco is a faculty member with the University of Maine’s Department of Anthropology, as well as the Chair of Native American Programs and Coordinator of Native American Research.
Maulian Dana, Penobscot Nation Ambassador

Wabanaki Windows 9/18/18

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Amy Browne

What’s wrong with Mascots?

Why are Mascots harmful to Native Youth?
How was the issue brought forward to schools with Native mascots.
What is currently being done to educate the public?
What you can do to help.

Ambassador Maulian Dana Penobscot Nation
Dr. Darren Ranco Director of the Wabanaki Center /Associate Professor of Anthropology UMO
James Francis, Director of the Cultural and Historic preservation Department Penobscot Nation.

Wabanaki Windows 8/21/18

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Amy Browne

Daniella Zalckman photo journalist/Indian Boarding Schools and their Colonial effect on generations in various Countries.

Key Discussion Points:
a) Daniella’s educational background/what led her into photo-journalism.
b) Why did she choose Indian Boarding Schools as a topic
c) She explains her award winning creative process in developing the photo project
d) The importance of the stories being told.

Guest: Daniella Zalcman, multi award winning photo Journalist

FMI and to view Daniella Zalcman’s work:

Wabanaki Windows 7/17/18

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Amy Browne

Making of Birch Bark Canoes

How important were Birch Bark Canoes?
What were the various materials used?
What was the process?

James Francis, Penobscot Nation Historian and Cultural Director for the Penobscot Nation
Butch Phillips, Penobscot Nation Tribal Elder

Wabanaki Windows 6/19/18

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Amy Browne

Does the US Constitution protect Native Americans?

Key Discussion Points:
How does the normal US Citizen view the Constitution?
Does the Bill Of Rights Cover Native People?
Why do we need the Indian Civil Rights Act?

Eric Mehnert, Chief Judge of the Penobscot Nation Tribal Court
James Campbell, host of Notes from the Electric Cottage, WERU,
Dr. Darren Ranco, Chair of Native Programs and Director of the Wabanaki Center University of Maine Orono.
Law professor Robert J. Miller Sandra Day O’connor College of Law Arizona State and Adjunct faculty at Lewis and Clark School of Law Portland Oregon.

Suggested Resources:

Wabanaki Windows 5/15/18

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Amy Browne

Handling of Penobscot Cultural Materials: Historic signing of MOU between UMO & Penobscot Nation

-Background of the signing of the MOU
-Areas of Clarification and agreement
-Standard practices agreed upon
-Recognition and Respect for Penobscot Culture

Ambassador Maulian Dana, Penobscot Nation
Dr. Darren Ranco Wabanaki and George Mitchell Center
Dr. Jane Anderson New York University

Wabanaki Windows 4/17/18

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Amy Browne

Opioid Epidemic in Maine and Native Communities

Key Discussion Points:
a) What are the drugs of choice?
b) What are their effects on Family and Communities?
c) Recovery over Incarceration
d) Justice System and an Alternative Solution

Professor Marcella Sorg, Research Professor, Anthropology Consultant with the Office of the Chief Medical Examer
Robert Bryant, Police Chief Penobscot Nation

Treatment Courts in National Spotlight