Writers Forum 9/14/17

Host: Matt Murphy
Engineer: John Greenman

Topic: The many facets of children’s literature from the perspective of writers, an illustrator and a librarian, all from the Blue Hill Peninsula.
Guests: Kim Ridley, Libby Edwardson, Rebekah Raye and Ellen Booraem

NOTE: This is the final episode of Writers Forum. Starting in October we’ll have a new show airing in this time slot (2nd Thursday of each month at 10) called “Book Worm” hosted by Brook Minner, so join us then!

Writers Forum 8/10/17

Host: Joel Mann
Engineer: Amy Browne

Authors Lee Smith & Deborah Joy Corey discuss their new memoirs, Dimestore and Settling Twice

-What’s the hardest thing about writing a memoir?
-What advice do you have for young writers?
-How has today’s technology influenced your writing?
-What do you read for pleasure?
-What effect has story telling had on your writing?